Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Like Bees around a Hive

Dated: 3 February 1941

Postcard Caption:
Wings Over Miami / The Magic City
Postcard Message:
Some air planes here they are like bees around a hive, B-- to you old timer / Your -- Edgar

Friday, January 22, 2016

I Read Every Word of Them

Daytona Beach - 1951

Postmarked 22 January 1951
Holly Hill, Florida

Dear Ruth: I do so enjoy the papers, read every word of them. Think of you so often and we will have to have a good visit when I get home. Gene and Dottie just left have been visiting us. They liked it here. / With love, Adelia

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Have Stayed So Close at Home I Don't See to be Able to Break Away

Postmarked 27 August 1954
Columbus, Ohio

Governor's Mansion, Columbus, Ohio
Dear Emma Mae, / I had hoped I would get down there. I was so busy and here I left all and came down here. I telephoned again to Lillian. I thought she was coming up Sat. so I went Wed. night. Had I known I would have waited until Friday. I don't know ho things will be taken care of. I have stayed so close at home I don't see to be able to break away. I will see you later. We are going to the State Fair here today. Love, Minne / They have had plenty of rain here. / We went over -- last evening. 
If the Interweb can be believed, the State of Ohio had to purchase a new governor's residence in the mid-1950s because the necessary repairs to the mansion in this postcard were more than purchasing a new home.

Website for current Governor's Residence 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Most Soul Satisfying Spot

Postmarked 26 August 195?
Wolf Point, Montana


Sperry Chalets, Glacier National Park

Dear Emma and Bertha, / This is a most soul satisfying spot. Do plan to see it on one of your trips. / We are heading home after a wonderful trip. See you soon. Love, / Brad, Helen, Nancy, David, Stephen, and Mother Whitney
Glacier National Park Website

Sperry Chalet Website

Saturday, August 8, 2015

It Is Truly Grand

Mt Ypsilon and Mummy Range

Postmarked 8 August 1947
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Mt. Ypsilon and Mummy Range from the Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park to Grand Lake, Colo.
We travelled this route today - were above the snow line, had hail, rain and sunshine. It is truly grand in this part of the Rockies. We are on our way to Salt Lake City. / Lillian Dillow.
About Mummy Range 
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