Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tulip Time: A Marvelous Display and Riot of Color

Tulip Time

Postmarked 16 May 1952
Allegan, Michigan

Postcard Caption:
Two mile out on Lakewood Blvd., the Nelis Tulip Farm is the "Tulip Headquarters for the Nation". Acre after acre of vari-colored tulip blossoms greet the eye, a delight to inhabitants and visitors alike. Situated in fertile territory, Holland is fast becoming a great nursery center for America.
We came to Holland for "Tulip Time,' a marvelous display and riot of color. The flower show and Klomper dancing were most interesting. On our way home now. Doubtful about visiting you this summer. Love, Eva and Elmer
The Tulip Time Festival is still annually held in May in Holland, Michigan.

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