Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Suppose You Are Anxiously Awaiting

Cathedral of the Holy Name Chicago (linen)

Postmarked 17 May 1960
Chicago, Illinois

Postcard Caption:
Cathedral of the Holy Name The magnificent Cathedral of the Holy Name is the seat of his Eminence Cardinal Stritch and the center of Roman Catholic worship in the Archdiocese of Chicago. It is a massive structure in the Gothic style and was built in 1874. Located at North State and Superior Sts.
Dear Therese: / I suppose you are anxiously awaiting the development of your pictures. I do so hope they are all good. I did so enjoy meeting you and hope we will meet again. / The "Sick Chick" Bert
The original church of the Holy Name was destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire in 1870. The structure is again in peril; in February 2008, a piece of the ceiling collapsed and extensive renovation was conducted. Just a year later, a fire broke out on the roof. It destroyed most of the renovations. Efforts to extinguish the fire resulted in serious water damage. The church is currently working to raise funds to restore the roof and preserve the church.

Holy Name Cathedral website

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