Monday, August 20, 2012

Famous Spiral Bridge

Postcard Caption:
FAMOUS SPIRAL BRIDGE 1895-1951 an original painting by local artist, Pat Fox, in 1968. Now owned and displayed at Hast'n Inn Restaurant, south on Highway 61, in Hastings, Minnesota.
The blog, Looking Back on the History of Hastings, describes the crowds that came to the 1895 dedication of the bridge which crossed the Mississippi. After World War II, a replacement bride more suitable for automobile traffic was erected, and the spiral bridge was soon demolished.


Postcardy said...

I have a photo postcard of that bridge that I have been planning to post. I didn't realize that it had been gone for so long.

Funny spelling error: "replacement bride"

Alphonse Daigle said...

The proposed cost to build the famous Spiral Bridge was said to be around $40,000, if I'm not mistaken. This bridge is one of a kind in America and probably, in the whole world. I really love its architectural concept!

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