Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Married Life Is the Only Life

Cobb Hall - 1909

Postmarked 10 November 1909
Chicago, Illinois

Well I am thoroughly convinced that married life is the only life. We haven't gone out much as we didn't get here until 12 o'clock yesterday and old sleep head can't stand ---- you know. With lots of love/ Homer (?) and Abbie
Another postcard of University of Chicago's Cobb Hall. I love how in this one, horse-drawn carriages are outside the building.

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Christine H. said...

Imagine that. If you had gone to school there in 1909, you would have arrived at your dorm in a horse-drawn carriage. I wonder about all of the other things that must have been different. For instance, washing clothes. You can bet the students didn't do it.

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