Thursday, November 11, 2010

Liberty Memorial

Liberty Memorial - Kansas City

Postmarked 5 February 1945
Kansas City, MO

On 11 November, 1918, an armistice ended the fighting of World War I, with the Treaty of Versailles being signed the following June. That year, a fundraising campaign to build the Liberty Memorial began. The site was dedicated in 1921 and construction was completed three years later. In 1994, it was closed because the buildings were no longer sound, but a sales tax passed in 1998 to provide funds to restore the Memorial. The National World War I Museum was opened in 2006.

National World War II Museum at the Liberty Memorial

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Christine H. said...

This makes me want to venture out on a cross-country trip and stop at the various museums and memorials. I would love to see this one.

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