Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guaranteed to Meet Any and All Requirements

UC- Mandel Hall (1912)

Postmarked 9 September 1912
Pontiac, Michigan

Pontiac Mich 9/8/12 / #15 Harting Court / Should you be in need of some good hat hap(?) weather you might favor us with an order We have some here that is guaranteed to meet any and all requirements. I spent a few days in Chicago and also Detroit. Am located in Pontiac for the present. Not a bad country but doesn't compare with the West. Regards to all Fred
Of course my primary interest in this card was the subject - University of Chicago. Mandel Hall is an auditorium where we went to some events. (I think the Barenaked Ladies performed there but can't quite remember. I also believe we saw a stand-up comic there as well.) The hall was built in the early 1900s, a gift from Leon Mandel (who operated Mandel Brothers department store with his siblings).

University of Chicago's History of Mandel Hall

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