Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Empty Crater is More Interesting than the Eruption

Yellowstone - Grotto Geyser 6-15-1949

Postmarked 15 June 1949
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Postcard Caption:
GROTTO GEYSER Grotto Geyser lies in the upper geyser basin north of Old Faithful close to road on the left. If differs from most in that the empty crater is more interesting than the eruption. Its eruptions occur every 2 to 5 hours and its temperature is 201 degrees.
Are spending a few days here before starting for home. Forgot my birthday book at home so don't remember the date, but anyhow many wishes for nine happy birthdays. E-- has taken a lot of pictures both movie and stills Hope we can show them to you some day. Greet all the folks. -Ellen
Yellowstone National Park Website

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