Saturday, June 14, 2014

Crescent City

Mississippi River Crescent, New Orleans, LA Vintage Postcard

Mississippi River Crescent, New Orleans, LA Vintage Postcard

Published by New Orleans News Co.

Postcard Caption:
The winding path of the Mississippi River at New Orleans and the huge crescent from which the city gets its title as "Crescent City," are here clearly shown. The river continues on its sinuous journey to the Gulf of Mexico, 107 miles below the city.
New Orleans - American's Most Interesting City
You can see an aerial view of New Orleans via Google Maps:

The term "Crescent City" brings two things to mind: 1) Lucinda Williams and 2) the BP Oil Spill. Believe it or not, this picture is from the June 13th Lucinda Williams concert at Cornell University's Bailey Hall. A portion of ticket proceeds went to the Finger Lakes Land Trust to help the organization celebrate its 25th anniversary. I didn't think I'd get to hear "Crescent City," one of my favorite Lucinda Williams songs, but she played it early in the set.

Lucinda Williams - Bailey Hall Ithaca Concert

Hearing "Crescent City" live is a joyful memory. Not so for the BP oil spill, which still devastates the Gulf even though the spill was over four years ago. Industries reliant on the water are suffering, as are over ten species of animals that still experience high levels illness and birth defects, attributable to the spill. Instead of taking responsibility as they promised they would, BP is using every means possible to avoid paying damages. Be sure to stay informed about the latest developments in the Gulf so that you can advocate for the people and animals who can't speak for themselves.

"Oiled Pelicans," by the Louisiana State Governor's Office is licensed under  CC BY 2.0


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