Friday, March 14, 2014

Pyramid of the Sun

Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico City, Vintage Postcard #postcard #vintagepostcards

Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico City, Vintage Postcard #postcard #vintagepostcards

Published by Sandoval News Service, El Paso, Texas
Printed by Tichnor (64289)

Postcard Caption
Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico City
The Pyramid of the Sun, along with other structures, resides in the former Mesoamerican city, Teotihuacan, not too far from Mexico City. Built over 1,000 before the Aztecs came to the area, scholars don't know who built the structures or why Teotihuacan, the largest city in the Western Hemisphere in the 1400s, collapsed.

I've been to Mexico only once, to the tourist area of Tijuana, and I would love to visit again to see the pyramids. I need to plan a trip quickly. Earlier this month, The Smithsonian reported that the pyramids are eroding and may soon collapse, this time not for political strife but for age.

US - Mexican Border at Tijuana

Stop sign in Tijuana


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