Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bank of Cupid

Bank of Cupid Vintage Postcard - pay 1,000,000 kisses

Bank of Cupid Vintage Postcard - pay 1,000,000 kisses

Postmarked March 1907

Postcard Caption:
[Mar. 29th], 190[7] / BANK OF CUPID / Pay on sight to [Harland G. Hogeboom] [1,000,000] kisses and charge to the account of [A.B. Hogeboom].
Since Harland G. Hogeboom is an unusual name, I thought I might be able to find information about the recipient of this postcard. I wasn't able to find much, but Fulton's The Daily Record announced on June 30, 1934 that Harland and Eleanor L. Glerum received a marriage license. The Webster Herald noted on September 20, 1940 that Mr. and Mrs. Harland Hogeboom spend the day with their mother, Mrs. Lou Hogeboom, who is probably the sender of this postcard. However, there is also mention of a Mr. A.B. Hogeboom, so perhaps the sender is an uncle.

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