Sunday, January 19, 2014

Worshipful and Impressive

West End Baptist Church

Postmarked 19 January 1949
Norfolk, Virginia

Postcard Caption:
Organized in 1929 with one hundred and thirty-eight charter members. It is a branch of the old Suffolk Baptist Church. The church is located in a fine residential section of Suffolk on the beautiful site of the old Gum property. The present building was erected in 1938 at a cost of over $60,000. (Plans are drawn for the erection of a corresponding educational building.) The architecture is colonial. Chimes from a melodious 21-stop Austin organ are broadcast from the stately spire. The Auditorium is worshipful and impressive. A memorial window of exquisite colors with a pictorial representation of Christ as the Good Shepard serves at the focus of worship.
This is a very pretty church. S is an old town something like Haddonfield-very interesting. Lots of lovely antiques. I'm enjoying my friends and their interest in C.S. Hope all you are fine. Love, Mamoine / Jan 19, 1949

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