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Nothing to Do but Write

S.S. Princess Anne Vintage Linen Postcard

S.S. Princess Anne Vintage Linen Postcard

Postmarked 12 January 1938
Windsor, North Carolina

Postcard Caption
  • The largest and fastest Automobile and Passenger Transport of her type in the world, 260 feet long, 59 feet beam, 19 feet depth of hold, carrying 90 to 100 automobiles and 1200 passengers.
  • Operating across Chesapeake Bay between Cape Charles, Va. and Little Creek, Va., a distance of 26-1/2 miles, crossing time 1-3/4 hours.
  • The main connecting link of the OCEAN HIGHWAY, the fastest route from "Pines to Palms".
Postcard Message
Tues eve / 6- / We started a bit after six this A.M. and it snowed quite hard for a little while. Took the I-30 boat and tonight are in Elizabeth, N.C. Have had a good trip so far. Have had our supper and now nothing to do but write a little. One more day will bring us down quite a ways. we both O.K. Wonder if you are having a lot of snow. Hope everyone is fine "up in the north." The roads are good. Love / W.R.W.
The S.S. Princess Anne cost $691,000 when she was built in 1936. The boat operated until 1964, the year the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was completed. The S.S. Princess Anne changed owners a few times until Palm County purchased her, in the 1980s I believe, to scuttle off Fishers Island and create an artificial reef. The site provided an excellent location for diving until the early 2000s when the ship was damaged by hurricanes.

When the S.S. Princess Anne operated on the Chesapeake Bay, it was part of the "ocean highway" route on the East coast, a route that can still be followed today.


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