Thursday, August 1, 2013

St. John's Bridge

Published by Angelus Commerical Studio, Portland, Oregon

FRONT: U.S.S Portland Passing Under St. John's Bridge, Portland, Oregon
BACK: The St. John's Bridge was completed in June, 1931, at a cost of $4,250,00, and its span of 205 feet above the Willamette River is sufficient to allow any type of vessel to pass under it. The Bridge is 3,833 feet in length.
According to Wikipedia, when the St. John's Bridge was constructed, it boasted:

  • the highest clearance in the nation
  • the longest prefabricated steel cable rope strands
  • the tallest steel frame piers of reinforced concrete
  • the first application of aviation clearance lights to the towers
  • the longest suspension span west of Detroit, Michigan.

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