Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Study in Knees

Postmarked 11 November 1949
Callahan, Florida

Postcard Caption:
FRONT: Study in Knees at Cypress Gardens in Beautiful Florida 159
BACK: STUDY IN KNEES AT CYPRESS GARDENS Cypress knees come up from the roots of the trees in fantastic and gnarled shapes but never grow to be trees, only acting as breathers, the same as leaves do on other tress.
Postcard Message:
Nov 9 / Dear friend / We are buzzing along north of Miami Fla. Frank and I went deep sea fishing one day. He got 2 fish, I got a sun burn. But we had fun. I sure hate to go back tot he cold weather It is 85° here today. / Love / Thelma
I just returned from Orlando, Florida, home of Disneyworld. I was there for a conference, though, so while I did spend time with a number of friends, I didn't see anything more exciting than the inside of a hotel meeting room.

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