Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Have Wanted to Write for Some Time

Postmarked 22 August 1909
Yonkers, New York

Postcard Caption:
"Visitors Watching." Dress Parade / West Point, N.Y.
Postcard Message:
--- St. - Yonkers N.Y. / Aug 22 - 1909 - / Dear -ela: / You will no doubt be somewhat surprised to hear from me. Abram was in La Fayette and met Oliver and obtained your address through him. Have wanted to write you for some time but have been unable to do so. Charles was in Europe last year for three or four months. Is now on his way to the coast. I wish he might see you. How are you all Write me all about yourselves for the past year have been living just out of New York City. / Lovingly / Grace B. T--
From what I can glean from the InterWeb, West Point still conducts dress parades each year. 


Christine H. said...

It seems like a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I'll bring my parasol.

Lauren said...

looks fun. pretty cool that west point still conducts dress parades!

Postcard Ranch said...

Great composition, with the figures in the foreground like that. Nice!

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