Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Weather Does Not Seem to Make Up Its Mind

Postmarked 8 July 1941
Lake George, New York

Postcard Caption:
Looking North from the Fort William Henry Hotel, Lake George, N.Y.
Postcard Message:
Hello Fred: / We are here again. We were hoping to see you at the Alpine this week. The place is still beautiful but the weather does not seem to make up its mind rain or shine. / Remember Frances and Steve Cali
The posh Fort William Henry Hotel opened in 1855, and it was such a popular destination that new owners dramatically increased the guest capacity. Sadly, in 1909, a fire destroyed the hotel. Two years later, a new, smaller, but still luxurious hotel was opened. Changing tastes and owners couldn't keep the hotel alive, though, and it was torn down in the late 1960s. Just ten years ago, a consortia of Lake George business people decided to open a convention center. To handle the associated demand, the group built a new hotel with designs echoing that of the 1911 building. The current hotel website has a gallery of vintage postcards from the Fort William Henry Hotel.

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