Monday, July 9, 2012

That's a Positive Fact

St. Anthony's Hospital - OKC
Postmarked 12 November 1945
El Reno, Okahoma

Postcard Caption:
St. Anthony's Hospital, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Postcard Message:
Nov 11th / Hiya Beautiful: / The weather ain't bad. / That's a positive fact. / But makes me glad / Is that I'll be back / To my honey-- / Regards to all / Augie
I was born at St. Anthony's Hospital on July 10 almost forty years ago. The hospital opened on August 1, 1898, before Oklahoma was even a state, and it continues to serve Midtown Oklahoma City today.

1 comment:

Christine H. said...

How wonderful to have a postcard of the place where you were born. I was going to write my comment in rhymes but thought better of it.

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