Saturday, April 14, 2012

If the Phone Strike is Off

Gettysburg - Wills House

Postmarked 14, 1952

Postcard Caption:
THE WILLS' HOUSE, PUBLIC SQUARE, GETTYSBURG, PA. was the home of Judge David Wills, who was host to President Abraham Lincoln on November 19th, 1863, and it was here that the President penned his immortal address. The room is now open as a museum.
Postcard Message:
Dear Dad-/ I have been sightseeing today in Gettysburg with Ruth. Tomorrow I'll go to Washington, and Thursday to Stanley's. Saw Kenneth's family on Easter Sunday. / I'll call Sunday P.M. from Chicago IF the phone strike is off. / Lots of love to you, Alice
I am most intrigued about the phone strike; I cannot find much information about it, though I did find a photo of "telephone girls" at a protest meeting in 1952 and a clip from a newspaper that mentioned the strike.

The David Wills House opened in 2009 as a property of the National Park Service.

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