Sunday, April 15, 2012

Greetings from Oregon

Greetings from Oregon (linen)

Published by E.C. Kropp

Postcard Caption:
Greetings from Oregon Oregon--area 96,699 sq. m., ow which 1,092 sq. m. is water; 9th state in size; admitted into the Union in 1859. State flower - Oregon Grape. Capital - Salem. Good commercial fishing, especially Salmon. Manufactures: Lumber products (including furniture), paper and wood pulp, flour and grain products. Places of interest: Crater Lake National Park; Oregon Caves National Monument; Mt. Hood and other splendid peaks and mountain scenery.
I've never been to Oregon, but it's a state I'd very much like to visit!

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Christine H. said...

Yep, when I look out the window it looks just like that, except we're generally a blue state.

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