Monday, September 5, 2011

USPS on the Brink of Default

Today, The New York Times reports:
The [US Postal Service] is so low on cash that it will not be able to make a $5.5 billion payment due this month and may have to shut down entirely this winter unless Congress takes emergency action to stabilize its finances.
The paper included this graphic to illustrate some of the tensions faced by the USPS.

I'm doing all I can to increase the volume of mail! Join me in this campaign by sending more postcards, preferably to me!

Postal Service Nearing Default as Loses Mount


Christine H. said...

Watch out, you could be inundated with postcards. It is sad, isn't it. I use the post office a lot, sending postcards, letters, and packages. said...

Sad to know that a great American institution like the USPS is going through this. I hope some stable resolution to the problem is eventually achieved.

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