Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gee, It's Tiresome Chasing Around

Madison Square

Postmarked 8 September 1926(?)
Pelham, New York

Postcard Caption:
MADISON SQUARE and Metropolitan Life Building, New York City. Madison Square showing Fifth Avenue at right crossed by Broadway at 23rd Street. This tract was set apart in 1811 for parade grounds, 6.84 acres of which still remain. It is bounded by Broadway and Madison Avenue and 23rd and 26th Streets. It was for a generation the centre of the Hotel and Theatre district.
Hello, Sir: - / Wish you were here enjoying the sights We meet Eunice to-morrow and stay with her, and go to a show. Gee, it's tiresome chasing around. We start home Thurs. arriving there Friday. It's been very nice here. / Nora.
Pictures I took at Madison Square during a June 2010 trip to New York City:

Flatiron Building


1 comment: said...

It's crazy how many times the flatiron building has been featured on postcards. They say it's the place of origin for the "23 Skidoo" phrase -- interesting story.

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