Monday, August 29, 2011

Smart Shops, Exclusive Clubs, Magnificent Churches, and Awe-inspiring Skyscrapers

Published by Acacia Card Company

FIFTH AVENUE LOOKING TOWARD 42ND STREET / New York City / Fifth Avenue is one of the most famous of New York's thoroughfares--known throughout the world. It is bordered by smart shops, exclusive clubs, magnificent churches, and awe-inspiring skyscrapers.
This postcard combines some of my favorite elements: an urban scene with many vehicles and pedestrians, advertisements painted on buildings, and lots and lots of color. Amazingly, the postcard caption didn't mention the New York City Library or its famous lions which are visible in the scene.

New York Public Library Lion

2 comments: said...

I bet those yellow and green buses were a sight to see in those numbers going down the street.

Postcard Roundup said...

Ooh, that card's a dandy!

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