Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not At All Religious

NH State House

Postmarked 30 August 1937
Concord, New Hampshire

State House at Night, Concord, N.H.
Dear Bill, / At least they have sent us to the New England states, and are we glad. It was so hot in New Jersey and New York that we weren't doing day work, so they decided that they might as well send us up here where we could still do no work but be comfortable doing it. It really is cool up here, and the people are quite friendly, but not at all religious. Last week we were in Maine, this week in New Hampshire, next in Vermont and the rest of the summer we'll be in Mass, but I hope to be home sometime by Sept. 3 or 4 so I can get rested up for school, etc. give my regards to your folks and the latest girlfriend, whoever she is! / Sincerely, Bob Clark 


Christine H. said...

Do you suppose he was in the Youth Conservation Corps?

Postcard Roundup said...

Well, they summed up those New Hampshire folks in a hurry, didn't they? I had no idea they were a bunch of godless heathens! (heh heh)

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