Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Only Paved Street in Town

Postmarked 23 August 1948
U.S. Army Postal Service

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA / Founded in 1914 principally for Alaskan railroad, this busy, modern city is the center of gold and coal mining, fishing, and canning industries.
Dear Zodie: / This a a picture of the main street of Anchorage. It is the only paved street in town. When you get here, Daddy will take you down down and buy you a new sled (as you will need one soon). / Love, Daddy
In the spring of 2010, my grandma, cousin, and I went to Anchorage. What wonderful memories we have from that trip!

Picnik collage


Postcard Roundup said...

The only paved road in town? Wow. Of course that's why Model T's had such high ground clearance!

Christine H. said...

This is such a great card and message. I love it.

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