Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aerial View of Montgomery, West Virginia

Montgomery WV

Postmarked 21 August 1954
Meadville, PA

FRONT: Aerial View of Montgomery, W.Va. on the Kanawha River, showing buildings of West Virginia Institute of Technology, C&O Railway and Route 60
 BACK: Montgomery, Fayette County, W, Va. is the home of W. Va. Tech
Hi Lois and Martha / Saw this. / Had a wonderful time / Love, Elaine
I wonder what part of the postcard Elaine meant by "this." While the West Virginia Institute of Technology has a long history, its addition to the WV University system is new:
WVU Tech has had a long and rich tradition in the Kanawha Valley and has been here longer than the State Capitol. WVU Tech was founded at the sub-college level as Montgomery Preparatory School of WVU in 1895. In 1917, WVU Tech was separated from WVU and renamed the West Virginia Trade School. Next, in 1921, WVU Tech reached the junior college level as the New River Trade School. Tech became a four-year college as New River State College in 1931 and was renamed the West Virginia Institute of Technology in 1941.
In 1996 the college became the largest regional campus of West Virginia University and is separately accredited from the main campus. On July 1, 2007, WVU Tech became a full division of WVU. While several departments on campus report directly to WVU, oversight of all academic areas remains on Tech’s main campus. (City of Montgomery website)
According to the city's website, Montgomery has a population of approximately 2,000. It's unique in that the town's boundary crosses two counties. It looks like a lovely town.


Christine H. said...

I absolutely love aerial views of towns that show the pattern of the street grid...especially when they're brightly colored like this one.

Postcard Roundup said...

Nice card....I don't come across West Virginia postcards too often.

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