Thursday, June 23, 2011

Famous Green Benches

Famous Green Benches

Published by Tichnor Bros., Inc.

According to St. Petersburg, Florida: A Visual History by A. Wynelle Deese, St. Petersburg's green benches contributed to the popularity of the city. Deese explains, "folks would take to the green benches as they lined the sidewalks along Central Avenue and the downtown streets. This gave an air of hospitality, cordiality, and sometimes led to budding romances," (p. 36). Deese estimates that by 1950, seven to eight thousand green benches adorned the sidewalks. However, in the late 1960s, city leaders worried about the image perpetuated by the benches. They first painted them in other colors, and then removed them all together. The allure of the green benches remained, though, and in 1991, November 10 through 17 was designated "Green Bench Week." Since then, some green benches have been added to the town. Green Benches and More now makes replicas of the famous benches for home use.

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Mark S. said...

I love it! It seems that many of those green bench cards had people play a prominent part of the composition. Very striking.

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