Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Swimming Is Fine, Too

FL Scenic Street

Postmarked 19 February 1952
Eustis, Florida

Hello Mr. McMillen / Having a wonderful time. The flowers and orange groves are beautiful. Swimming is fine to. / Nancy Niumman / 80 degrees in Eustis, Florida
First off, I love the temperature gauge! Many Europeans who send me postcards through postcrossing include the current temperature; I've taken to doing it too when I send cards overseas. Getting to draw would be more fun! Second, I'm a fan of symmetry, even if it's a little boring.


Mark S. said...

I wonder how often that temp gauge was used on postcards? It's a clever idea, and I've got to believe it was used a number of times. And the image? That's crazy symmetrical! It almost looks like they started with an abstraction and then morphed it into a landscape.

Christine H. said...

That's a very clever idea with the thermometer, and must have been especially fun for kids like Nancy. I also like the front of the card.

Felicity said...

The temperature gauge is so fun! I love the illustration too. said...

I've never seen the thermometer on a back before. What fun! I wish that feature was the norm and not the exception.

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