Friday, February 18, 2011

A Run Down Weather

Sun & Surf Bathers - FL

Postmarked February 18, 1941
Miami, Florida

Hullo Jim - just decided in a hurry to take a run down weather here to day - hot. / -- Gilmore
Of course, the best part of this postcard is the label "red" written on the front with an arrow toward one of the sun bathers - I'm so intrigued!

Thanks to Beth at the Best Hearts are Crunchy for hosting Postcard Friendship Fridays!


Mark S. said...

I like that postcard a lot. It's such a classic beach scene, with the umbrellas and all. The "red" notation is almost certainly a sunburn reference of some sort, unless Red was someones nickname!

Christine H. said...

I could just grab my towel and my sunscreen and jump right into this postcard. I love old linen postcards, but somebody did a particularly nice job coloring this one. said...

Really nice colors. I've got a couple of postcards also that refer to someone in the postcard as their own. Very amusing when the sender does that.

Postcardy said...

The arrow points to someone with red swim trunks too.

I like the patterns on the umbrellas and the way the people are simplified and stand out.

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