Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Snow Melted Fast

Rochester - Four Corners

Postmarked 23 February 1945
Rochester, New York

Dear Mary - / Many thanks for the view of Grace -- Bridge, a great structure, no doubt. Spring-like day here today and the snow melted fast. Come again soon. / Earl F. Nicht / 83 Clifton St, Rochester N.Y.
The Powers Building was completed in 1868, and was the first building in upstate New York to have a passenger elevator (then known as a "vertical railroad." Daniel Powers didn't want any other building in Rochester to be as tall as his, so later construction added four floors and an observation tower.

Powers Building Website

The building today:

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Mark S. said...

I'll bet that the architectural history of many cities involves egos that drove buildings ever higher. And the "Vertical Railroad" term is a new one on me!

Christine H. said...

I love views like that from a corner, although the linen version certainly looks a lot more cheerful than the Google view.

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