Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Greetings from Wyoming

Greetings from Wyoming LL

Published by Sanborn Souvenir Co.

Postcard Caption:
Wyoming is still the state where primitive nature may be found. Great mountain areas are unspoiled by human works and are reached by trails. Fish and Big game are abundant and great wide open unfenced prairies spread out for scores of miles. Here is the home of the duded ranch, the hunting camp, the park trips, the cowboy and cow pony, and many other colorful characteristics of the old West.


Mark S. said...

Very neat large letter card. Excellent colors and lettering. Wyoming always had the coolest license plate design, so it's only fitting that they'd have a rockin' postcard!

Christine H. said...

So much artistry went into those large-letter cards. This one's exceptional.

PaperSponge.com said...

Very nice large letter card. The font really gave some room to play with the subjects inside each letter. Most of the time the font letters give only a small glipse. Thanks for sharing!

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