Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Electrical Wizardry at the Great Lakes Exposition

Great Lakes Expo

Postmarked 25 August 1937
Cleveland, OH

Dear Mrs. Page: / How are you? I am home from my sisters, had a lovely time and a real rest. / Sincerely, / Marie Veder
Look at these fabulous colors! They mesmerize me. The description of another postcard of the Expo describes them as one of many "glamorous scenes of electrical wizardry revealed to the thousands visiting the Great Lakes Exposition." According to the online Encyclopedia of Cleveland, the Great Lakes Exposition held two seasons from 1936-1937 to celebrate Cleveland's centennial. Along with the Hall of Progress, Marine Theater, Court of Presidents, and Automobile exhibit, the 135 acre attraction had a midway with rides and sideshows, a "Streets of the World" area with 200 vendors offering food and wares from around the world, an art gallery, and an arboretum. Now, only some gardens remain.

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Christine H. said...

I wish we still had Expos like this. I guess the one in Shanghai counts, but it was too far away.

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