Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cobb Hall | University of Chicago

UC - Cobb Hall

Postmarked 13 May 1910
Chicago, IL

Since today is the first day of the Fall Semester, I thought it fitting to post this card from the University of Chicago. Most of my classes were held in Cobb Hall. I even remember going to a class in the building during my prospective students weekend. Despite (or because of) the amount of time I spent in Cobb Hall, I have not one picture of the building! When I returned in August 2009, construction fences prevented me from photographing it, but you can see a relatively current view of the building from a flickr user here.

It sounds like the sender of this postcard was not a student at the college, but a patient at the University of Chicago Hospital.

My Dearest Friend: - I have often thought of you while lying here and wanted to write sooner but wrote and asked Ameila for your no. first, never thought to ask Hilma Sandell. Thanks for writing her (I was here) as I have enjoyed two lovely visits with her, such a good girl, and I never thought to ask her for your address. Every body has been so good to me. Lots of people has been to see me or I have had many surprises but the greatest was when I read the piece in the paper. Miss Pahrson I don't know what to think or what to say. I can only send my heartiest thanks to you and to the society for your kindness. I think I shall have to be here this week yet, but I am feeling so good and hope to see you soon. Your sincerest friend, Hattie.


Christine H. said...

I guess I can thank U of C for my existence. It's where my parents met. My brother graduated from there too.

Aimee Dars said...

Christine - That is so amazing! I love UC connections.

viridian said...

I went to UC for grad school! I walked by here every day.

sarala said...

Love the card. I have a small collection of vintage U of C cards. It is amazing how little they have changed.

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