Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boating on Beautiful Kentucky Lake

POSTCARD: Boating on Beautiful Kentucky Lake

Curteich, Issued 1950

Or should it be boating on Kentucky Lake with beauties? Searching for information on this postcard, I found a black and white chrome version that is available on When George and I went to New Hampshire with Diane and Shae, we took a boat tour in a cigarette boat that reminds me a lot of the type of boat on this postcard. explains the importance of the lake:
Kentucky Dam creates the largest manmade lake in the eastern United States. It backs up the Tennessee River for 184 miles and creates a lake that stretches south across the western tip of Kentucky and nearly the entire width of Tennessee. At maximum normal operating level, Kentucky Lake covers 160,300 acres.
More important than the project's size are the jobs it performs. Kentucky Dam is the spigot that TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) uses to help control floods on the lower Ohio and Mississippi rivers; it is the gateway to the Tennessee River waterway and is a major generating plant in the TVA power system
Of course, it also provides opportunities for recreation and is home to the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, multiple state parks, national wildlife areas, and more.

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