Friday, May 9, 2014

The Corn Fence

Postmarked 9 May 1955
New Orleans, Louisiana

Postcard Caption:
THE CORN FENCE / This fence which is located in the Old French Quarters at 915 Royal Street was made before the Civil War days. It is about fifty feet in lengths. It is very doubtful that a duplicate of this design was ever made.
Postcard Message:
Dear Hazel: We are having a nice time it is warm here. The oleanders and magnolia are in full bloom. Isn't this something new in fences. The city is very quaint iron fences everywhere. I love them We stopped at a Hotel building in 1800. Slept in a canopy covered 4 poster bed. Ate with cain silver service and off of Old Bavarian china. antiques galore. / Love, Winnie / I cannot write in the train so no letters to anyone.
I visited New Orleans for a conference back in 2004, and was able to take a couple of photographs of the famous corn fence. Just after college, I was collecting corn memorabilia, so a fence depicting corn was fabulous to me. According to the Cornstalk Hotel, which now occupies 915 Royal Street, Dr. Joseph Secondo Biamenti commissioned the fence in 1856 to help alleviate the homesickness of his bride recently arrived in New Orleans from Iowa.

Corn Fence

Corn Fence

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