Tuesday, August 27, 2013

He Can Eat Just About Anything Now

Postmarked 26 August 1952
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Postcard Caption:
"Amish" Going to Market, Lancaster County, Pa.
Postcard Message:
Dear ---, Ines and I just got done with my ironing. Want to go to market(?) Ray went to D-S Mon and he can eat just about anything now course he must be careful but I'm so glad he seems better. More cheerful. He pushed the mower yesterday and it didn't seem to hurt him. You didn't tell me what time you will be in on sat eve. I'll order your ham today so they will be sure and have it on Fr. See you soon. / Love Lola
The Amish who settled in Lancaster County over 300 years ago still reside there living by the same traditions, including transportation by horse-drawn carriage. 

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