Monday, June 17, 2013

George Washington Slept Here, but that Was Before the Town Got so Noisy!

Salem Tavern 6-17-1948

Postmarked 17 June 1948
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Postcard Caption:
Salem Tavern, in which Geo. Washington Sepnt Two Nights in June, 1791, Winston-Salem, N.C.
Front: George Washington slept here but that was before the town got so noisy!
Back: Hi Mibby T- We have a hummingbird's nest, Pete lets flying squirrels run up his britches leg, and we've found a swimming hole in a creek within walking distance of the house. Dewberries, blackberries are ripe, also plums and wild cherries and a few huckleberries. Tell Dick to come down and we'll let him fall in our creek. Did you two get promoted? And where is this camp that M.T. is going to? If you want any postcards, you'd better send me the address. Sis can go down stairs now without help. Also loves the creek, goes into the refrigerator, and helps self to bottle and (believe it or not) lemons! She's a big girl, now 13 mos. From Guess Hoo!
According to the Salem-Tavern Museum website, George Washington spent two nights in the Salem Tavern during a tour of Revolutionary War battle sites. While in the vicinity, he attended a service, spoke to people of the town, and studied the waterworks system. In 1791, when George Washington stayed in the tavern, the enterprise owned an African-American slave family.

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