Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Hope It Rains on My Grass

University of Richmond - Cannon Memorial Chapel

Postmarked 24 April 1952
Richmond, Virginia

Postcard Caption:
UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND / The University of Richmond, founded in 1832, for the first 80 years of its history was known as "Richmond College". In 1920, when its charter was amended, its present name was adopted. Is grounds cover an area of nearly 300 acres about three miles west of the city and is renowned for its natural beauty. Since 1903, Frederick W. Boatwright, L.L.D., has been its President and under his able administration the institution has grown considerably. The University if organized on the English system and has a faculty of 60 members and a student body of 1,250 (1926).
Postcard Message:
Hi top, / we had a nice rip down. The mountain was beautiful. It is cold and raining today hope it rains some there on my grass. Don't worry too hard. / Regards, ---
The Henry M. Cannon Memorial Chapel was dedicated in 1929 and renovated in 1976. It is still in use for religious services, cultural events, and academic convocations. Today, the University of Richmond enrolls almost 4,000 students and employs nearly 400 faculty.

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