Thursday, February 21, 2013

365 postcards

On her Postcrossing profile, Charli Henley writes:
My Postcard Project: I am doing my part to save the United States Postal Service (USPS). It's near bankruptcy. It will have to close thousands of post offices across the country and lay off many workers. I believe a strong postal service is vital for a strong democracy. And if more people sent postcards instead of e-cards, the world might be a happier place. To build awareness and encourage connection, I set a goal of sending at least 365 postcards in 2012. This year, I'm aiming for 500. If you get one from me, it will have a number indicating how far I've gotten in my goal. If this project inspires you, join me and let me know!
You can get postcard partners from Postcrossing or Swap-bot. (Let me know if there are others!)

Please join Charli in spreading joy through postcards and increasing the volume of mail that goes through the USPS.

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