Thursday, January 24, 2013

She May Miss Me; I Hope She Does

Million Dollar Pier

Postmarked 24 January 1957
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Dear Ruth, / I remembered you like scenery post cards so here is one. / Try to see Mina, she may miss me, I hope she does. We have been gone only 1 week. We are at Clearwater Florida. / Vic and Jennie Harold and Elsie / We are sitting on this pier.
The building depicted on the postcard opened in 1926 to great fanfare, but by 1967, the building was so badly deteriorated it was demolished. An inverted pyramid structure took its place in the early 1970s. Currently, the city is in a planning process envisioning the future of the pier, since construction on the pilings must be undertaken by 2014.

St. Peter Pier Website

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VioletSky said...

It is hard to imagine how exciting such things as a pier could be back before our time!

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