Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cows and Pigs Roamed at Will and Had the Freedom of the Village

Postmarked 30 January 1915
Halleyville, Oklahoma

Postcard Caption
Choctaw Portland Cement Works. Hartshorne, Okla.
Postcard Message
Hellow Eliza how are you by this time I am feeling bad I may come by and see you in a few week's  I guess you give all hope up of ever hearing from me didn't you so I close and write you a little later along answer Olen
A 1911 publication, "Portland Cement Materials and Industry in the United States" by Edwin Clarence Eckel reported that the Hartshorne plant was under construction. However, the Oklahoma Historical Society reported that the plant never operated successfully.

Hartshorne, in Pittsburgh County, is southeast of Oklahoma City and had a population of 2,125 in 2010. When first incorporated, the Hartshorne Area Chamber of Commerce's history notes that "cows and pigs roamed at will and had the freedom of the village." In 1959, Sallye Phillips-Plunkett was the first African-American to graduate as valedictorian from an integrated high school, a much publicized event at the time. 

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