Thursday, August 16, 2012

Put Three War Ships in this Picture


Postmarked 16 August 1928
Marblehead, Massachusetts 

Postcard Caption:
FRONT: Yachts in Marblehead Harbor, Marblehead, Mass.BACK; "The white winged ships that sail in the sun, / and the white winged waves that bear them. / The yachts that over the waters run. / And the breezes that race and dare them."
Postcard Message:
Put three war ships in this picture of the harbor and you will see the same sight that I am seeing this morning. Hot as mustard here today. Glad to get the cool breezes of Franklus. B.G.N.


Christine H. said...

Take three warships and call me in the morning.

This is a great message. I have to remember the expression 'hot as mustard'. I like it almost as much as 'hot as mischief'.

Lauren said...

I love ships, so this is a great one.

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