Saturday, July 14, 2012

We've Been Around a Little Bit

Postmarked 14 July 1954
New York, New York

Postcard Caption:
PUBLIC LIBRARY / New York City / The magnificent building of the library of New York is located at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. It was built in 1911 at a cost of $9,000,000 and contains spacious reading rooms, exhibition rooms, and art galleries. Its book collections are priceless.
Postcard Message:
Hi Joe; / How's business? I've seen stamp displays in quite a few places but they're always close. Well, at least we've been around a little bit. We live just off Times Square. Take it Easy. / See you, Don
Here's one of the library's famous lions, photographed in June 2010.

New York Public Library Lion

Visit the New York Public Library online!

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