Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock

Postmarked 18 July 1929
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Postcard Caption:
THE BALANCED ROCK is one of the wonders of the Pike's Region. It is located just west of the Garden of the Gods in the section of peculiar rock formation known as Mushroom Park. The huge boulder weighing many tons rests of a base of but a few feet seemingly almost ready to topple but continues to stand.
FRONT: May 1929 / One of the wonders of the Pike's Region Weighs many tons - rests on only a few feet
BACK: Dear Mom / I see this to-morrow. I start for the Grand Canyon of Arizona to-morrow. / Love / Mary
The Interweb says the formation has been reinforced with concrete, but still stands (as of December 2010).


Steve said...

Looks precarious to say the least!...Love the references to Garden of the Gods and Mushroom Park. It sounds like they're from a Lewis Carroll story!

Christine H. said...

What a great picture. It sent me off on a search for a picture of the rock today. I wondered if it had eroded over time...looks like maybe a little bit.

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