Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One of the Famous Institutions of Boston

Postmarked 24 July 1948
Boston, Massachusetts

Postcard Caption:
ROSE GARDEN AND MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS IN THE FENWAY, BOSTON, MASS. / MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS was founded in 1870 and has grown to be one of the great museum of the world and is supported by the generosity of its friends and by private subscriptions. Admission is free to all. It is one of the famous institutions of Boston.
Postcard Message:
On my way now to this place of interest. So much to see May have to come again to see it all. I have a very pleasant place to stay Symphony Hall and Faneuil Hall and C.S. buildings near. Wish you could share sights with me. Cool this a.m. I thank you for all you did to help have such a good visit with Turners. / Love, / Mamamie / July 24, 1948
We love visiting the Museum of Fine Arts when we go to Boston. Here's our first trip, in 2010:

Boston MFA

This is the interior, with a new Chihuly sculpture, in 2012:

Museum of Art

The museum is no longer free, as it was in the 1940s, but seeing the wonderful pieces of art there is worth the price of admission.


Lauren said...

The style of writing reminds me of the writing on my postcards I have from my grandma. How cool.

scott davidson said...

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