Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Did Not Have Much Help

Postmarked 21 July 1953
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Postcard Caption:
WALTER REED HOSPITAL / This outstanding hospital, army staffed and supervised, is outstanding the world over particularly for its concentration of remarkable surgical skill.
Postcard Message:
Hi there - Long time no see. Hope you had a nice week end and I am most anxious o talk to your family I am the Chief here and I had to call on Jim to give me a hand last nite but he could only spare 20 minutes so I did not have much help. There is lots of work, and I have too much to do.... Hope you are improving and as soon as we can spare the time we'll be down. / Love Aunt L and Uncle A
Walter Reed Hospital has been in the forefront of care for military personnel since it opened in 1909. The hospital was named after the man who discovered that yellow fever was transmitted by mosquitoes.  

Walter Reed History

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