Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Each with a Prized Gold Necklace but Not Very Much Else

Mosque - Tehran

Postmarked 31 July 1962
Tehran, Iran

Tehran, July 31, 1962 / Dearest Alice-- / Saw this lovely mosque yesterday afternoon and today, a religious holiday, Muriel and I and an Australian lady have ridden in a taxi up to Darban, at the food of the mt. range which rises behind Tehran. We are at the Datzband(?) (Royal-owned) hotel and I have just wandered on some little trails nearby and been invited to join a family picnicking with a 2-1/2 foot silver samovar to produce their tea! Also, when invited, sat on the veranda of a poor little house and talked to the mother and daughter there - each with a prized gold necklace, but not very much else. Teheran [sic] is a mingling of the fairly old and picturesque with the very modern and traffic is almost non-stop so that you literally risk your neck! Gulistan Palace and the Peacock throne are most magnificent, and the tilework and lovely gardens and pools outside it are a delight. The interior feature millions of bits of mirrors set in diamond - like facets and are cool and gleaming. We loved the huge bazaar, a maze of every sort of shop, with jewelry, rugs, and leatherwork featured - enormous and roofed in. Have bought some very attractive copper pieces and have enjoyed eating luscious fresh peaces! Love, Shirley / Get to U.S. early Sept. - don't know if I'll get to Calif. Would love to.
Thanks to my in-laws, Chris and George, for this most unique postcard! 

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