Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Busy Little Girl

Postmarked 11 July 1906
Nashua, New Hampshire

Postcard Message:
July 10th 1906. / My dear sweetheart: Here is a busy little girl who will visit you every day for a week. Lovingly, Auntie Low
I only have the Wednesday postcard, bu here's what I've learned about the days in the Sunbonnet girl series:

Sunday - Going to Church
Monday - Laundry 
Tuesday - Ironing
Wednesday - Sewing
Thursday - Cooking / Baking
Friday - Sweeping / Mopping
Saturday - Shopping 

I find it a little creepy that the girl's face is never visible, but always obscured by the bonnet. Perhaps this is so little girls can more easily put themselves in the scene? In any case, the series is an interesting window into the chores of the day and the rigid gender roles.


Postcard Roundup said...

Or it could be like that scene from Psycho, when the chair rotates to reveal Norman Bates dead mother!

Christine H. said...

The girls face is not shown because she's making a very unhappy face in response to that wretched regimen.

pstcrdldy said...

Here is a link to a story behind the Sunbonnet Babies.

The faces are hidden because the bonnets are so large!

I have this complete set of cards and love them! May even have a few duplicates of some of the days. There was also a Months of the Year set.

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