Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your Aunt Fannie Will Mail It

Magnolia Building - Dallas TX

Postmarked 19 June 1947
Dallas, Texas

Postcard Caption:
Magnolia Building, Dallas, Texas 
Postcard Message: 
While waiting on my bus out will drop you a card. I bought you birthday present addressed it and your Aunt Fannie will mail it for me. Write and tell me if you get it. / Love, Mother / Address in care of Ed Gann 2537 / Cleveland Kan City Mo.
The building, designed by architect Sir Alfred Blossom in the early 1920s, originally served as headquarters for Magnolia Petroleum and is now the site of a hotel. The Dallas Architecture website provides this bit of history: 
In 1934, Magnolia Petroleum Company erected a large "oil derrick" on the roof that supported two 30 by 50 foot red neon signs that were in the image of Pegasus, the flying red horse, that was the corporate logo for Magnolia. Mobil, as a part of Exxon Mobil Corp. still uses the logo today. The two red horses were located 14 feet apart and revolved when placed on the building. In addition to the sign, the penthouses were illuminated at night. For many years the sign was the highest element within blocks, but by 1974 it had quit revolving. However, the Pegasus sign had become a Dallas icon. In 1977, Mobil moved their headquarters out downtown and the sign and building were given to the City of Dallas. Over the years, the skyscraper had become outdated and in 1997 the sign was turned off.
Here's a different postcard of the Magnolia Building posted by the Dallas Historical Society.

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