Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy? Well, Keep Smiling

Grant Building Pittsburg PA

Postmarked 31 May 1949
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

5.28.49 Hello kid, every one Happy well keep smiling I am feeling OK. there is lots to write about but is sort of hard to write but will get around after while maby. Have been through about all tests I guess didn't do much today. / Ernie F.
Grant Building History

"When it was built in 1928, the Grant Building was the tallest and most prestigious building in the City of Pittsburgh. It is on Grant Street's premier business location, adjacent to the City-County Building and Allegheny County Courthouse.
Renowned architect Henry Hornbostel, created a building in the classic Beaux Arts style to compete with the great high rises of the early twentieth century. Developers spared no expense, cladding the building in Swedish Granite at its base and topping the building with a flamboyant neon tower that spells out P-I-T-T-S-B-U-R-G-H in Morse Code. Like the Empire State Building, the Grant Building with its mast helped aviators to locate their way. Both buildings became iconic symbols of their cities."

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